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How can I make a custom windows xp installation?

0 votes

ok, therefore I heard that u can make a ISO image from the current OS u got on right now... like if I got Windows XP Professional with SP2 and all the updates on my computer wit a working registration key, I can burn up the whole OS in a cd kinda like a back-up. but I need to know, can u do that, and take some of the programs that by default option come already installed in windows? like for instance, can I simply take off the Accesibility tools and make a ISO then when I install it again, it will not have that again?? im asking because I want to reinstall my OS, but I dont want to have every thing installed just like the accesibility stuff and and

the messenger and all that rubbish I dont need. also, I want it in the future already installed with the programs I understand that I WILL NEED. like antivirus and items... any program that can help me do that? thanks

asked Feb 12, 2014 by admin (520 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

I would look into disk cloning utilites such as clonezilla, ghost, or maybe sysprep. These tools will allow you to setup you're XP station the way you want and than create a bit by bit clone (image) of you're entire hard disk that can be restored at anytime.

Clonezilla and Ghost work best when the hardware you restore an image to is identical as the one it was created with. I understand sysprep will create an image in away that does not require identical hardware (I've never used sysprep)

 Also getting a custom  XP on a CD probly not a workable solution you should use an external harddrive.

answered Apr 9, 2014 by Tim