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11. Compile the new kernel

If you have additional modules that are not part of the main source tree, you will need to add modules_image when you make your Debian packages. This is almost inevitable if you're using a laptop and an older kernel. Only my nvidia graphics card now requires additional modules.

Note Naming kernel builds

I no longer use .date to distinguish kernel builds. It was too frustrating to have 030627a, 032627b (etc) as I tried to figure things out. I now use names, in alphabetical order, starting with the kernel build "alien". I'm going to leave the date option in though as I still think it's a good way to do things.

My current kernel, 2.6.6, is "Elrond." The machine itself is "Smeagol."

Note Kernel compile help

For non-Debian instructions see the Appendix "Appendix B".

For more information on how to compile the kernel The Debian Way please read Creating custom kernels with Debian's kernel-package system