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ADSL Bandwidth Management HOWTO

Dan Singletary

Revision History
Revision 1.3 2003-04-07 Revised by: ds
Added links section.
Revision 1.2 2002-09-26 Revised by: ds
Added link to new Email Discussion List. Added small teaser to caveat section regarding new and improved QoS for Linux designed specifically for ADSL to be released soon.
Revision 1.1 2002-08-26 Revised by: ds
A few corrections (Thanks to the many that pointed them out!). Added informational caveat to implementation section.
Revision 1.0 2002-08-21 Revised by: ds
Better control over bandwidth, more theory, updated for 2.4 kernels
Revision 0.1 2001-08-06 Revised by: ds
Initial publication

This document describes how to configure a Linux router to more effectively manage outbound traffic on an ADSL modem or other device with similar bandwidth properties (cable modem, ISDN, etc). Emphasis is placed on lowering the latency for interactive traffic even when the upstream and/or downstream bandwidth is fully saturated.