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2. Installing the iBCS module

The iBCS2 module is available from If you are running kernel version 1.2.13, get ibcs-1.2-950721.tar.gz, unpac it and apply the patches ibcs-1.2-950808.patch1 and ibcs-1.2-950828.patch2. You can then type "make" and install the iBCS modlue with "insmod".

For a 2.0 kernel version, get ibcs-2.0-960610.tar.gz, unpack it in a suitable place, chdir into that directory, and apply the following patch:

--- iBCSemul/ipc.c.orig Wed Jan 15 21:32:15 1997
+++ iBCSemul/ipc.c      Wed Jan 15 21:32:31 1997
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@
        switch (command) {
                case U_SEMCTL:
                        cmd = ibcs_sem_trans(arg3);
-                       arg4 = (union semun *)get_syscall_parameter (regs, 4);
+                       arg4 = (union semun *)(((unsigned long *) regs->esp) + (5));
                        is_p = (struct ibcs_semid_ds *)get_fs_long(arg4->buf);
 #ifdef IBCS_TRACE
                        if ((ibcs_trace & TRACE_API) || ibcs_func_p->trace)
Then, copy CONFIG.i386 to CONFIG, and type make.

If you don't have them already, create the needed device files by executing

# cd /dev
# ln -s null XOR
# ln -s null X0R
# mknod socksys c 30 0
# mknod spx c 30 1

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