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[api] Linux ATM API, Werner Almesberger, , July 1996.

[RFC1577] Classical IP and ARP over ATM (RFC1577), Mark Laubach, January 1994.

[lanev1] LAN Emulation Over ATM -- Version 1.0, ATM Forum, February 1996.

[lanev2] LAN Emulation Over ATM -- Version 2 -- LUNI Specification, ATM Forum, July 1997.

[mpoav1] Multi-Protocol Over ATM -- Version 1.0, ATM Forum, July 1997.

[bridge-howto] Bridging mini-Howto, Christopher Cole, , March, 2001.

[kiis] Implementation of LAN Emulation Over ATM in Linux, Marko Kiiskilä, , October 1996.