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6. Hardware Control

More folks are using Linux to control equipment. Users range from amateur astronomers in the field to professional observatories.

6.1. Telescope Control

  • KTelescope is a robust Client/Server control library for Meade's LX200 based telescopes. It uses the Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface (INDI) protocol.

  • INDI is an instrument-neutral distributed interface for operating any remote device over a reliable byte stream interface. There is an active group writing an expanding list of drivers for astronomy related equipment including telescopes and cameras at

  • Talon, formerly OCAAS, is a complete observatory control and astronomical analysis system for Linux.

  • XEphem has the capability to control several telecopes and other devices using the Instrument Neutral Distributed Interface (INDI) protocol.

6.2. CCD Camera Control

  • Apogee Instruments Inc supports their line of professional CCD cameras under Linux.

  • Finger Lakes Instrumentation Manufacturer of CCD cameras and filter wheels and include drivers for Linux.

  • SBIG offers some assistance with operating their ST7 and ST8 CCD cameras under Linux.

  • CCD Astronomy on Linux These pages describe a number of facets of using astronomical CCD cameras for image acquisition and processing under Linux.

  • Gccd is a gnome-based CCD camera and filter wheel control program.