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Athlon Powersaving HOWTO

Daniel Nofftz


Revision History
Revision 1.2.3 2007-06-06 Revised by: dn
corrected the correction from 1.2.3 (thx to Rajeev V. Pillai)
Revision 1.2.2 2007-05-30 Revised by: dn
corrected a typo in the nforce disable command
Revision 1.2.1 2007-05-13 Revised by: dn
corrections to the new copyright statement, corrections to the disclaimer
Revision 1.2 2007-05-10 Revised by: dn
coolrun added, new URL for (brazilian) Portuguese Version, License Change (GNU FDL to GNU GPL), some minor accessibility related changes
Revision 1.1.12 2006-04-06 Revised by: dn
typos corrected

How to enable the power-saving functionality of the Athlon/Duron/AthlonXP processor on some motherboards/chipsets. This is usefull for saving Power and lowering the Temperature of the CPU and the System. (It also will reduce noise if you use temperature controlled fans in your case/on your cpu heatsink).