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Autodir HOWTO

Venkata Ramana Enaganti


Revision History
Revision 1.04 2007-5-25 Revised by: VRE
Minor updates
Revision 1.03 2006-09-15 Revised by: GaMA
Review requested by author.
Revision 1.02 2004-12-25 Revised by: VRE
Minor updates
Revision 1.00 2004-09-23 Revised by: VRE
Initial release, reviewed by Rahul Sundaram at TLDP
Revision 0.32 2004-09-13 Revised by: VRE
New sections like requirements and others.
Revision 0.10 2004-06-24 Revised by: VRE
second draft
Revision 0.9 2004-06-11 Revised by: VRE
first draft

This HOWTO is about the Autodir installation, configuration and other issues related to Autodir. The Autodir system is often applied for making home directories available in an easy way.