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2. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2.2 2006-09-27 Revised by: nd
Updates and new applications added.
Revision 2.1 2006-03-13 Revised by: nd
Updates and new applications added.
Revision 2.0 2005-05-21 Revised by: nd
New release and rewriting of the whole document.
Revision 1.5 2005-01-15 Revised by: jp
Added new entries for the Gpsdrive, GPLIGC, JFlight, and KFlog packages. Five years between updates is rather ridiculous, time to turn this HOWTO over to someone with more time!
Revision 1.4 2000-10-14 Revised by: jp
Added a new entry for the AirLog logbook package. Added some additional references to the section on embedded hardware, as well as a short blurb about the availability of GNU/Linux for the iPaq handheld. Updated the contact information for the author, (new e-mail address).
Revision 1.3 Revised by: jp
Added a small section on hardware, mostly pointers to other resources. I also added entries for several newly discovered packages; Gpsd, GPSMan, and JEEPS.
Revision 1.2 Revised by: jp
I added some new and more focused application categories. For some of them, I added pointers to other information resources that address issues related to that particular application area, but from a more generic, and non-Linux specific perspective. Also added entries for several newly discovered software packages. I removed the references to the Linux Documentation Project, the maintainers never responded in any way to my request to add this document to the archive?
Revision 1.1 Revised by: jp
Added information about the linux-aviation mailing list. Some minor changes in grammar, as well as a whole bunch of corrections to my consistent abuse of punctuation. Thanks to my good friend David Moore for these corrections.
Revision 1.0 Revised by: jp
First public release.