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Bangla in GNU/Linux HOWTO

Taneem Ahmed

Santanu Chatterjee


Sayamindu Dasgupta


Revision History
Revision 1.1.3 2003-10-23 Revised by: Pro
Some info on Qt and KDE 3.2's ability to render bn text is added at the very end.
Revision 1.1.2 2003-04-29 Revised by: SDG
Added section on testing the translations. Initial LDP release.
Revision 1.1.1 2003-04-20 Revised by: Pro
Initial LDP release, section added on Lekho
Revision 1.1.0 2003-02-20 Revised by: SDG
Added Developers' Guide, made some significant changes in the document structure
Revision 1.0.0 2003-02-14 Revised by: SDG
Initial Release

The purpose of this document is to guide you setup and develop support for Bengali (Bangla) in GNU/Linux.