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1.2. Revision History

Revision History
Revision v0.93 2003-11-06
Removal of very outdated "Translations" section.
Revision v0.92 2003-11-06
Added section on line draw in RXVT.
Revision v0.91 2002-01-31
Fixed text and code to "Total Bytes" snippet.
Revision v0.90 2001-08-24 Revised by: go
Added section on screen and Xterm titlebars.
Revision v0.89 2001-08-20 Revised by: go
Added clockt example, several example images added, improved laptop power code, minor tweaks.
Revision v0.85 2001-07-31 Revised by: go
Major revisions, plus change from Linuxdoc to DocBook.
Revision v0.76 1999-12-31 Revised by: go
Revision v0.60 1998-01-07 Revised by: go
Initial public release?