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C++ dlopen mini HOWTO

Aaron Isotton


Revision History
Revision 1.10 2006-03-16 Revised by: AI
Changed the license from the GFDL to the GPL. Fixed usage of dlerror; thanks to Carmelo Piccione. Using a virtual destructor in the example; thanks to Joerg Knobloch. Added Source Code section. Minor fixes.
Revision 1.03 2003-08-12 Revised by: AI
Added reference to the GLib Dynamic Module Loader. Thanks to G. V. Sriraam for the pointer.
Revision 1.02 2002-12-08 Revised by: AI
Added FAQ. Minor changes
Revision 1.01 2002-06-30 Revised by: AI
Updated virtual destructor explanation. Minor changes.
Revision 1.00 2002-06-19 Revised by: AI
Moved copyright and license section to the beginning. Added terms section. Minor changes.
Revision 0.97 2002-06-19 Revised by: JYG
Entered minor grammar and sentence level changes.
Revision 0.96 2002-06-12 Revised by: AI
Added bibliography. Corrected explanation of extern functions and variables.
Revision 0.95 2002-06-11 Revised by: AI
Minor improvements.

How to dynamically load C++ functions and classes using the dlopen API.