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6. Credits

Many thanks go to the readers of this HOWTO, who contributed actively to its contents. As I don't had access to a CD-writer myself for several years, reports about real live setups and experience have always been of great value to me.

Doug Alcorn <>

helped to improve the handling of newer kernels

Kalle Andersson <>

How to write audio CDs directly from MP3.

Alan Brown <>
Rick Cochran <>

hint about dis-/reconnect disabled by default in the ncr driver

Robert Doolittle <>

good arguments for dropping cdwrite from the HOWTO

Markus Dickebohm <>
Thomas Duffy <>

major cleanup of syntax and spelling

Dave Forrest <>

fixed adapter spelling problems

Jos van Geffen <>

noted the problem in 4.9.

Bernhard Gubanka <>

noticed the need of a recent version of mount to utilize the loopback device

Stephen Harris <>

contributed hint about writing audio CDs

Janne Himanka <>

pointer to kernel patch to read Joliet CD-ROMs

Stephan Noy <>

information and experience about writing audio CDs

Don H. Olive <>

URL of the mkhybrid tool

Jesper Pedersen <>
Pierre Pfister <>

helped to develop the recipe on 1:1 copies.

Daniel A. Quist <>

information about IDE CD-R and newer kernel versions

Reported problem with pre-initialized writers when booting via loadlin.

Dale Scheetz <>
Joerg Schilling <>

many informations about cdrecord

Martin Schulze <joey@Infodrom.North.DE>

gave information about the cdwrite-mailinglist

Gerald C Snyder <>

tested writing of an ext2 CD-ROM (see 4.4)

Art Stone <>

had the idea to put non-ISO-9660 filesystems on a CD

The Sheepy One <>

suggested using defective CD-ROMs as coasters for drinks

Erwin Zoer <>

Futhermore, I would like to thank the following people for reporting spelling mistakes: Bartosz Maruszewski <>, Alessandro Rubini <>, Ian Stirling <>, Brian H. Toby.

End of the Linux CD-Writing HOWTO. (You can stop reading here.)

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