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6. XFree86

To boot up into XFree86, grab and install the normal XFree packages. Grab and install the XF86Config file from Use a line like

xinit -- -bpp 16 &

In rc.local (or your distributions equiv.) to start it up automaticly. To do the safe thing and run X as a user, create the user and use something like the following to start and stop it (I placed this in the init.d dir. and linked from rc.4). Change 'mplayer' on line 5 to your username.

#! /bin/sh 
case "$1" in 
        echo -n "Automatically logging into X" 
        su -c 'cd ~mplayer && xinit -- -bpp 16' - mplayer & 
        echo "." 
        echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/mplayer {start|stop|restart}" 
        exit 1 

exit 0