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2. Quick Start guide

This section tries to get you up and running as soon as possible, if you can follow the steps given in this section and they work for you, you can ignore the rest of this howto. This section is updated more often then the rest of the HOWTO so will contain the most up to date information.

First you need to find out if your modem is an HSF or HCF modem. You can find out from your modem by looking at it's Windows drivers or looking at the label on it's chipset, or alternatively you can download the >

Quick Starting with an HSF modem



  1. Download the driver from, the following instruction are for the Binary RPM version which I recommend you use.

  2. Load up a terminal (or go to a console), change to the root user and enter the directory you downloaded the driver to and use the command "rpm -i" followed by the name of the driver. For instance if it is called hsflinmodem- you would enter,

    [user@localhost]$ rpm -i hsflinmodem-