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Debian and Windows Shared Printing mini-HOWTO

Ian Ward


Revision History
Revision 1.6 2005-07-01 Revised by: iw
Clarified hpijs requirement, added lpinfo and lpoptions commands
Revision 1.5 2005-06-19 Revised by: iw
Added note about becoming root to execute commands
Revision 1.4 2004-01-05 Revised by: iw
Wording corrections
Revision 1.3 2003-11-18 Revised by: iw
Removed incorrect lpadmin -h usage
Revision 1.2 2003-10-03 Revised by: iw
Note about woody and gs-esp, conflict with bash's enable command and fix for XP/2000 clients
Revision 1.1 2003-06-26 Revised by: iw
Added passwords on windows shared printers, Corrections
Revision 1.0 2003-05-15 Revised by: tmm
Initial release, reviewed by LDP
Revision 0.8 2003-04-11 Revised by: iw
converted from LaTeX