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Installing Emacspeak HOWTO

Jennifer Jobst

James Van Zandt

Revision History
Revision 1.1 July 23, 2002 Revised by: SDS
Updated the maintainer of this document to Sharon Snider, corrected links, and converted to XML.
Revision 1.0 December 4, 2001 Revised by: JEJ
First release
Revision 1.0 DRAFT November 9, 2001 Revised by: JEJ
Revision Emacspeak HOWTO 1996-2001 Revised by: JVZ
Previously, this document was known as the Emacspeak HOWTO, and was written and maintained by Mr. James Van Zandt.

This document contains the installation instructions for the Emacspeak audio desktop application for Linux.

Please send any comments, or contributions via e-mail to Sharon Snider. This document will be updated regularly with new contributions and suggestions.