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9. Prepare LILO to boot the new disk


(Thanks to Rick Masters for helping with this.)

We're assuming that LILO is installed on the hard disk's Master Boot Record (MBR); this seems to be the most common configuration. You want to install LILO on what's presently the second hard disk but will become the first hard disk.

Edit the file /new-disk/etc/lilo.conf as follows:

disk=/dev/hdb bios=0x80       # Tell LILO to treat the second
                              # disk as if it were the first
                              # disk (BIOS ID 0x80).
boot=/dev/hdb                 # Install LILO on second hard
                              # disk.
map=/new-disk/boot/map        # Location of "map file".
install=/new-disk/boot/boot.b # File to copy to hard disk's
                              # boot sector.
prompt                        # Have LILO show "LILO boot:"
                              # prompt.
timeout=50                    # Boot default system after 5
                              # seconds. (Value is in tenths of
                              # seconds.)
image=/new-disk/boot/vmlinuz  # Location of Linux kernel. The
                              # actual name may include a version
                              # number, for example
                              # "vmlinuz-2.0.35".
    label=linux               # Label for Linux system.
    root=/dev/hda1            # Location of root partition on
                              # new hard disk. Modify this as
                              # appropriate for your system.
                              # Note that you must use the name
                              # of the future location, once the
                              # old disk has been removed.
    read-only                 # Mount partition read-only at
                              # first, to run fsck.

Slackware only. Use image=/new-disk/vmlinuz.

If you're using a SCSI hard disk, you may have to add a line with initrd. See your existing file /etc/lilo.conf.

Install LILO on the new disk:

/sbin/lilo -C /new-disk/etc/lilo.conf

The -C option tells LILO what configuration file to use.