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The Linux Installation HOWTO

Eric Steven Raymond

Thyrsus Enterprises

Revision History
Revision 5.7 2002-07-06 Revised by: esr
New translations.
Revision 5.6 2002-01-04 Revised by: esr
Minor corrections.
Revision 5.6 2001-09-06 Revised by: esr
Added a Translation section.
Revision 5.5 2001-07-11 Revised by: esr
PnP cards are no longer a problem.
Revision 5.4 2001-06-14 Revised by: esr
Added link to Post-installation HOWTO.
Revision 5.3 2001-03-9 Revised by: esr
Fixes for various links.
Revision 5.2 2001-02-22 Revised by: esr
LDP Styleguide markup fixes.
Revision 5.1 2001-01-29 Revised by: esr
Minor corrections for the post-2.1 world.
Revision 5.0 2000-07-21 Revised by: esr
First DocBook version.

This document describes how to obtain and install Linux software. It is the first document which a new Linux user should read to get started.