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3.3. General Backend Directives

Directives in this section apply only to the backend in which they are defined. They are supported by every type of backend. Backend directives apply to all databases instances of the same type and, depending on the directive, may be overridden by database directives.

backend <type>

This directive marks the beginning of a backend definition. <type> should be one of bdb or one of other supported backend types listed below:

Table 3-2. Database Backends

Type Description
bdb Berkeley DB transactional backend
dnssrv DNS SRV backend
ldbm Lightweight DBM backend
ldap Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Proxy) backend
meta Meta Directory backend
monitor Monitor backend
passwd Provides read-only access to passwd(5)
perl Perl programmable backend
shell Shell (external program) backend
sql SQL programmable backend


backend bdb

This marks the beginning of a new BDB backend definition