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Linux Documentation Project Reviewer HOWTO

Emma Jane Hogbin

David Merrill

david -AT-

Joy Yokley


Revision History
Revision 1.4.2 2004-05-24 Revised by: EJH
Corrected spelling mistakes.
Revision 1.4.1 2004-04-19 Revised by: EJH
Minor updates to the language and markup, emphasizing the reporting procedures for reviews. Also changed the order of the reviews to reflect actual procedure (technical, language and finally metadata).
Revision 1.4 2004-04-18 Revised by: EJH
Updated the language review: clarified use of capitals, and added a new requirement that Latin abbreviations always use their English counterpart instead.
Revision 1.3 2004-01-31 Revised by: EJH
Added the metadata and markup review information.
Revision 1.2 2003-11-09 Revised by: TMM
Updated content, URLs, mailing lists, converted to XML.
Revision 1.1 2001-05-12 Revised by: DCM
Minor bugfixes.
Revision 1.0 2001-05-01 Revised by: jy
Initial release.

This document will help you review LDP documentation. It includes procedures and techniques for the review process of all new, and existing, LDP documents.