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25.5. Maillists

Lists of maillists are available at:

Major Mailinglists are listed in following table:

Focus Request e-mail address What to subscribe Maillist e-mail address Language Access through WWW
Linux kernel networking including IPv6 majordomo (at) netdev netdev (at) English Info, Archive
Mobile IP(v6) for Linux Web-based, see URL mipl mipl (at) English Info, Archive
Linux IPv6 users using USAGI extension usagi-users-ctl (at)   usagi-users (at) English Info / Search, Archive
IPv6 on Debian Linux     debian-ipv6 (at) English Info/Subscription/Archive
6bone majordomo (at) 6bone 6bone (at) English Info, Archive
IPv6 users in general majordomo (at) users users (at) English Info, Archive
Bugtracking of Internet applications (1) bugtraq-subscribe (at)   bugtraq (at) (2) English Info, Archive

(1) very recommended if you provide server applications.

(2) list is moderated.

Something missing? Suggestions are welcome!

Following other maillinglists & newsgroups are available via web: