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A.4. Reference

A.4.1. Legend

Table A-2. Legend

Symbol Meaning Example
[...] Left-click a button [File/Close] appears in most X applications. [OK] appears in most Windows dialogs
[[...]] Double-left click a button [[My Computer]] displays the devices of a Windows systems
{...} Right-click a button {My Computer\Properties} displays the configuration of a Windows system
...\... (or) .../... Walk a hierarchy in a menu or filesystem linux uses / to delimit elements in hierarchies. Windows uses \ to delimit element in hierarchies.
bash> .. Enter instructions into a bash-style shell bash> uname -a (returns linux kernel version information)
A:\> ... (or) C:\> ... Enter instruction into a dos shell
[Start\Run...] Open: command [OK]  
C:\> ver  
(returns Windows version information)
<...> replace with indicated value Enter First Name: <your first name>