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9. Credits

Lots of thanks must go out to Wouter Cloetens, for getting me started , additional info from Boas Betzler, Andreas Neuper and Herman Bos. Thanks for updates in v1.00 must go to Matt Peterson and Ken Collins and Philip Tait for the setup using a Win98 machine instead of an AIX box. Josef Hill for the automatic configuration description. Niels H Sondergaard , John Kaiser and Joern Allmers also belong to the crowd of smart people that mailed me with extra info for the HOWTO

and to Bart Geens , for rereading this howto and findin uot lost of splelling errosr

Also thanks to all the different people that wrote me with hints and help although I might have forgotten to include some of their comments, if you think your part is missing, please mail me ;-)

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