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23. What's new

This tag is automatic so it IS the reference. (Sometimes I forget to update the version number and the date)

$Id: PLIP-Install-HOWTO.sgml,v 1.40 2002/07/07 23:46:32 gilles Exp $

$Log: PLIP-Install-HOWTO.sgml,v $
Revision 1.40  2002/07/07 23:46:32  gilles
Corrected tag problem

Revision 1.39  2002/07/07 23:42:27  gilles
Added Richard Barrington in "acknowledgements" section.

Revision 1.38  2002/07/07 23:15:53  gilles
Added a "Known problems" section
Added "plip 2.2.14 versus 2.2.16" section. Thanks Matt.

Revision 1.37  2002/07/07 22:56:44  gilles
Adapted insmod parport_pc to 2.4 kernel
v1.36, 3 December 2001
v1.31, 21 April 2001
  • Corrected a bad url in section "Installing RedHat 7.0". Thanks Leonard.
  • Corrected broken links find by the nice clink software.
v1.30, 13 April 2001
  • Added section "Installing RedHat 7.0". Thanks Leonard.
v1.28, 18 December 2000
  • Corrected more mistakes in my English. Thanks again Graham.
v1.27, 11 August 2000
  • The SLIP line was not needed, SLIP is serial line oriented. The PPP line was partly wrong, we need PPP support by the kernel.
  • Corrected more mistakes in my English, though I know that more remain and new ones come every time I write a sentence...
  • Added a "compatibility with a printer" section.
  • Added a Null-Printer == Null-Modem comment.
  • Added a "build your own cable" section.
  • Corrected a bug in the Slackware section. Here (inverted IP adresses). Thanks to Brad Rigby.
  • Removed obsolete paragraph from the "Introduction" section.
  • Added request for information about translations in the "Introduction" section.
  • Mentioned the "what's new section" at the top of the document.
  • Added a vc-header in the What's new section
  • Added the WHAT_IS_NEW label
v1.22, 16 June 2000
  • Added a mention to PARTED as told by Andrew Clausen (
  • Added section Installing Slackware, RedHat, or Caldera, by Florent SAUNIER.
  • Corrected some English faults, thanks to Graham and Tomas.
v1.15, 26 November 1999
  • The section "What's new". It is this section.
  • The section "Install the plip interface permanently".
  • The section "List of contributors and acknowledgements".
  • Joined the different chapters dealing with the detailed Debian installation to form a single chapter with the actual chapters as just subsections.
  • Made a new section "Installing from a DOS partition". A simpler and faster method.

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