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4.5. Testing

Now test Qmail-Scanner:

#./contrib./ -doit
Sending standard test message - no viruses...done!
Sending eicar test virus - should be caught by perlscanner module...
Sending eicar test virus with altered filename - should only be caught
                                by commercial anti-virus modules (if you have any)...
Sending bad spam message for anti-spam testing - In case you are using
                                SpamAssassin... Done!

Now check the e-mail for your postmaster alias account.

You should now have 4 email messages in your postmaster?s mailbox

If you do not have the 4 messages in the postmaster's mailbox, then: Verify that you are checking the proper mailbox.

Re-execute the configure script for Verify that the 'virus-admin' from the script output is the same as your qmail postmaster alias.

Check qmail to see if the messages are in the queue. If they are try issuing a 'qmailctl' flush command to force delivery.

If all else fails check the Qmail-Scanner mailing list archives at