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10. What's new ?

v1.14, 9 july 2002
  • First release since in almost two years
  • Added article Multiprocessor Specification Support (Randy Dunlap)
  • Added explanation of "unexpected IO-APIC" problem
  • Added a note on changes between 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels
  • Added new section update on SPARC (Lionel, trollhunter Bouchpan-Lerust-Juery)
  • Added various questions and answers
  • Deleted "SMP specific limit with current kernel (2.2)": outdated
  • Changed word "current" from kernel 2.2 documents
v1.12.1, 25 october 2000
  • Put all authors in Bryant, Hartner, Qi and Venkitachalam paper
v1.12, 22 october 2000
  • Explanation on why not trust Xosview on scheduling (Rik van Riel)
  • A pointer to an article that compares 2.2 and 2.4 kernels (Ray Bryant)
v1.11, 8 october 2000
  • Linux boots on a Sun E1000 with 24 CPUs
  • Linux boots on a AlphaServer with 31 CPUs
v1.10, 5 october 2000
  • New linux-smp mailing-list adress : (me)
  • Tell where to find RTC setting in kernel config (Patrick Doyle)
  • glossary updated and concepts added (from a french version made by Ludovic Danigo)
  • Fixed an inconsistency (Matthias Schniedermeyer)
  • Deleted wrong links (Johan Ekenberg)
v1.9.1, 28 september 2000
  • updated with a submission from Stig Telfer detailing SMP support on API Alpha systems
v1.9, 13 january 2000
  • Remember to disable all BIOS power-save features (Osamu Aoki)
  • Explain how to access to Compaq server into advanced configuration mode (Adrian Portelli)
v1.8, 8 november 1999
  • quad-celeron motherboard was a hoax, restored old paragraph (Simen Timian Thoresen)
v1.7, 6 november 1999
  • new introduction (C. Polisher aka cp)
  • numerous typo and grammatical fixes (cp)
  • introductory paragraph on kernel compilation (cp)
  • introductory paragraph on SMP need (cp)
  • reference on KAI optimizing compiler (Gero Wedemann)
  • quad-celeron motherboard exists (Jeffrey H. Ingber)
v1.6, 21 october 1999
  • added information on xosview scheduling perturbation
  • added "APIC error interrupt on CPU#n" message information
  • added information on hard lockup
  • deleted section "How to optain maximum performance" (was obsolete)
  • added info on dual systems with different x86 procs (a Celeron and a P-II)
v1.5, 4 october 1999
  • more precision in PSET description
v1.4, 30 september 1999
  • precize to enable MTRR support for an x86 SMP kernel (me)
v1.3, 29 september 1999
  • many many grammar and typographical fixes (Wade Hampton aka hww)
  • added info in short introduction related to 2.2/2.4/2.0 diffs (hww)
  • added step by step things to do to recompile a kernel (hww and me)
  • added info related to SMP/UP modules problems (hww)
  • added precision in Posix Threads section related to user (hww) vs. kernel threads (hww)
  • new item about NFS and kernel lock (hww)
  • new item about kernel lock without message (hww)
  • new item about debugging lockup problems (hww)
  • added info about heating problems (hww)
  • miscellaneous updates I've forget about (hww)
  • new item about floppy access and sound (hww)
v1.2, 27 september 1999
  • name change: this document is now a HOWTO. TWD, and fast! (Guylhem Aznar)
v1.1, 26 september 1999
  • added a link to first Chris Pirih FAQ draft
  • expanted an IRQ related problems
v1.00, 25 september 1999
  • first upgrade in a long long time!
  • reprocessed the whole FAQ: 2.2 is here and 2.4 soon
  • added kernel locking information from Ingo Molnar
  • deleted item "How will my application perform under SMP?": outdated
  • deleted item "My SMP system is locking up all the time.": outdated
  • deleted item "You are running 2.0.35 aren't you ?": outdated
  • deleted item "Some hardware is also known to cause problems.": outdated
  • blanked section "Motherboards with known problems". We should restart from scratch
  • deleted section "Motherboards with NO known problems": outdated
  • updated dual celeron section (numerous people)
  • added "SPARC sun4m SMP machines" to supported SMP sparc machines (Anton Blanchard)
  • added a "During boot machine hang signaling an IOAPIC problem" item in "Why it doesn't work on my machine?" section
  • added a "What about SMP performances?" item
  • updated "Why doesn't my old Compaq work?" item
  • fixed an outdated pointer
  • added a pointer to Ingo test SMP patches
v0.54, 13 march 1999
  • Added a section about SMP Alpha systems
v0.53, 08 march 1999
  • Added a section about SMP PowerPC systems
v0.52, 07 march 1999
  • Added a section about SMP Sparc systems
v0.51, 06 march 1999
  • Added a dual-celeron section
  • Deleted Adaptec section
  • Updated procps link
  • Updated xosview link
  • Added an answer for quad Xeon boot hang
  • Updated item about glibc patch for gd: should be included in RH 5.2
v0.50, 03 february 1999
  • Updated "Multithreaded programs on linux" link
v0.49, 13 january 1999
  • Update about CONFIG_SMP. Added .txt to Documentation/smp. (Michael Elizabeth Chastain)
v0.48, 10 december 1998
  • Mispelled corrected. Email address corrected.
v0.47, 20 november 1998
  • Added that 2.0.36 as the MTRR patch (related to the BogoMips problem)
v0.46, 10 november 1998
  • Update about Epox KP6-LS motherboards
v0.45, 25 october 1998
  • Corrected an error regarding /proc/stat file
  • Added a pointer to CESDIS Ethernet Linux Drivers site
v0.44, 14 october 1998
  • Updated the link to the web page: Motherboards rumored to run Linux SMP
  • Added Jakob explanation how to time SMP systems with 2.0 kernels
v0.43, 9 september 1998
  • Updated first question in section 3.1
  • Updated mt-Mesa link: multi-threaded is now included as experimental in the Mesa distribution
v0.42, 2 september 1998
  • Minor cosmetic update in sect 3.3
  • Two links (multithreaded Mesa and SMP performance) marked outdated
  • Updated the item about threads and exceptions in C++ (sect 3.3)
v0.41, 1 september 1998
  • Added a major section: "3.3 SMP Programming" written by Jakob Østergaard
  • moved some item of section "3.2 User side" in sect 3.3
v0.40, 27 august 1998
  • Updated section 3.1, item 7: processor affinity
v0.39, 27 august 1998
  • Updated needed Award BIOS version for Tyan motherboards (hASCII)
  • Added an item on IRQ in the crash section (me and hASCII)
  • Added good support of Asus P2B-DS (Ulf Rompe)
  • Added another smp-list archive in pointer section (Hank Leininger)
v0.38, 8 august 1998
  • Added a pointer to the Linux Threads FAQ
v0.37, 30 July 1998
  • Emil Briggs is working on parallel plugins for Gimp (see "Is there any threaded programs or library?", sect. "User side")
v0.36, 26 July 1998
  • Thanks to Jakob Østergaard, two changes in "Possible causes of Crash"
    • Changed 2.0.33 to 2.0.35 (latest stable)
    • Added a "BIOS related causes of failure"
v0.35, 14 July 1998
  • Added N440BX Server Board in Motherboards with NO problems
  • Added a succes story for GigaByte motherboard with BIOS upgrade
  • Added a "How to obtain maximum performance ?" section (waiting for your contributions ;)
v0.34, 10 june 1998
  • Added a "Parallelizing/Optimizing Compilers for 586/686 machines" section in section "Useful Pointers", thanks to Sumit Roy
  • Corrected a mispelling, "Asus P/I-UP5" is in fact "Asus P/I-P65UP5"
v0.33, 3 june 1998
  • Yet another success story for a GigaByte DLX Motherboard.
  • A tip for Tyan motherboards, disable the "DRAM Fast Leadoff" BIOS option
v0.32, 27 may 1998
  • Asus P/I-UP5 added in the motherboard-with-NO-problem section
v0.31, 18 may 1998
  • Elitegroup P6LX2-A works with 2.1.100 and 101
  • Bugs should be reported to
v0.30, 12 may 1998
  • SuperMicro is now in the motherboard-with-NO-problem section
v0.29, 11 may 1998
  • A success story for a GigaByte 686 motherboard with 2.1.101
  • Added a new item in the "User Side" section: "Is there any threaded programs or library?"
  • OpenGL Mesa library is beeing multithreaded. Cool! See the new section for details.
v0.28, 09 may 1998
  • A US mirror of this FAQ is now available (see Introduction)
  • Merge of the two confusing Gigabyte 686 entries
v0.27, 05 may 1998
  • New info for the Adaptec and TekRam drivers
  • Micronics W6-LI motherboard works under SMP

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