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7. Features

  1. Ease of use for the end user:
    1. Put in CD
    2. Boot machine
    3. Type in private key password
    4. Log into work desktop and work as usual
  2. Ease of use for the administrator(s):
    1. Key generation is separate from use.
    2. A user's access can be specifically revoked (without affecting their work desktop) using a single command.
    3. All new users can be denied by shutting down the openVPN server process on the server.
    4. All connections can be broken by shutting down the entire server; this will also deny future access until the server is brought back up and the end user reboots.
  3. The CD build process can be automated for ease of creation.
  4. The openVPN logs can be used to determine (or trace) nefarious or out-of-policy computer use.

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