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2. Forward

2.1. About This Document

This document is targeted at the beginner to intermediate level Linux user interested in learning about Speech Recognition and trying it out. It may also help the interested developer in explaining the basics of speech recognition programming.

I started this document when I began researching what speech recognition software and development libraries were available for Linux. Automated Speech Recognition (ASR or just SR) on Linux is just starting to come into its own, and I hope this document gives it a push in the right direction - by supporting both users and developers of ASR technology.

I have left a variety of SR techniques out of this document, and instead I have focused on the "HOWTO" aspect (since this is a howto...). I have included a Publications section so the interested reader can find books and articles on anything not covered here. This is not meant to be a definitive statement of ASR on Linux.

For the most recent version of this document, check the LDP archive, or go to:

2.4. ToDo

The following things are left "to do":

  • Add descriptions in the Publications section.

  • Add more books to the Publications section.

  • Add more links with descriptions.

  • Enhance the description of the ASR system steps

  • Include descriptions of FFTs and Filters.

  • Include descriptions of DSP principles.