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5. Speech Recognition Software

5.1. Free Software

Much of the free software listed here is available for download at:

5.1.11. More Free Software?

If you know of free software that isn't included in the above list, please send me a note at: If you're in the mood, you can also send me where to get a copy of the software, and any impressions you may have about it. Thanks!

5.2. Commercial Software

5.2.1. IBM ViaVoice

IBM has made true on their promise to support Linux with their series of ViaVoice products for Linux, though the future of their SDKs aren't set in stone (their licensing agreement for developers isn't officially released as of this date - more to come).

Their commercial (not-free) product, IBM ViaVoice Dictation for Linux (available at performs very well, but has some sizeable system requirements compared to the more basic ASR systems (64M RAM and 233MHz Pentium). For the $59.95US price tag you also get an Andrea NC-8 microphone. It also allows multiple users (but I haven't tried it with multiple users, so if anyone has any experience please give me a shout). The package includes: documentation (PDF), Trainer, dictation system, and installation scripts. Support for additional Linux Distributions based on 2.2 kernels is also available in the latest release.

The ASR SDK is available for free, and includes IBM's SMAPI, grammar API, documentation, and a variety of sample programs. The ViaVoice Run Time Kit provides an ASR engine and data files for dictation functions, and user utilities. The ViaVoice Command & Control Run Time Kit includes the ASR engine and data files for command and control functions, and user utilities. The SDK and Kits require 128M RAM and a Linux 2.2 or better kernel)

The SDKs and Kits are available for free at: