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10.1. Stream in IPv6


You will need an IPv6-aware operating system, like Linux 2.4.21 with the ipv6 module loaded, Windows XP Service Pack 1 or Mac OS X version 10.2 or higher. Please look at the features pages on the VideoLAN web site to know about the status of IPv6 in VLC and VLS for each O.S .


If you are using VMware under Linux, you will have to stop VMware and unload the VMware kernel modules, because we noticed it prevented IPv6 streaming !

10.1.1. Stream with VLC

% vlc -vvv --ipv6 --sout udp:[ff08::1] --ttl 12

where :

  • is the file you want to stream (you can also put dvdold:/dev/dvd to stream a DVD or any other input configuration) ,

  • ff08::1 is either :

    • the IPv6 address of the machine you want to unicast to ;

    • or the multicast IPv6 address .

  • 12 is the value of the TTL (Time To Live) of your IP packets (which means that the stream will be able to cross 11 routers) .


Under Unix/Linux, you may have to protect the square brackets around the IPv6 address :

% vlc -vvv --ipv6 --sout udp:\[ff08::1\] --ttl 12


You may have to specify the output network interface :

% vlc -vvv --ipv6 --sout udp:[ff08::1%eth0] --ttl 12

where eth0 is the name of the network interface (under Linux the network interfaces are named ethX, under Mac OS X it's enX and under Windows it's X, where X is the appropriate number) .

10.1.2. Stream with VLS

You will need to use the configuration file vls.cfg. Please, see the VLS user guide to know how to write one for IPv6 streaming in unicast or multicast .