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The Webcam HOWTO

Howard Shane

Revision History
Revision 1.61 2005-02-21 Revised by: jhs
Update on revived Philips Webcam driver development
Revision 1.6 2005-01-02 Revised by: jhs
Errata fixed, some rewrites for readability, new chipsets and updates
Revision 1.1 2004-01-12 Revised by: jhs
Update for 2.6 series kernel release and info on NW802-based webcams
Revision 1.0 2003-12-04 Revised by: JP
Initial Release / Reviewed by TLDP
Revision 0.5 2003-11-07 Revised by: jhs
Final revision after v4l mailing list feedback
Revision 0.1 2003-10-12 Revised by: jhs
Initial draft posted

This document was written to assist the reader in the steps necessary to configure and use a webcam within the Linux operating system.