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Windows Newsreaders under Linux HOWTO

Daniel Quintiliani


Revision History
Revision 2.22 2004-02-07 Revised by: dq
Updated to say that Xnews with a Windows 98SE configuration also works with Windows ME files. Thanks to Marty Hillman >< for discovering this.
Revision 2.21 2004-01-26 Revised by: dq
Updated with more clear language as to what exactly would go wrong with older versions of Wine under more recent Linux setups.
Revision 2.2 2004-01-24 Revised by: dq
Updated to say that Wine version 20031212 might be required for more modern Linux setups, but there will be more bugs. Updated each newsreader with its respective problems under 20031212, including the fact that Dialog will not work with Wine versions greater than 20030813.
Revision 2.11 2003-12-24 Revised by: dq
Updated to say that Xnews event sounds work properly, and updated with instructions to get event sounds to work properly under KDE.
Revision 2.1 2003-12-12 Revised by: dq
Updated to cover Forte Free Agent as well as Xnews and Dialog. Added a Dialog problem.
Revision 2.02 2003-12-11 Revised by: dq
Updated "Window sizing problems" in Xnews and added another Xnews problem. TODO updated with what the document will not cover.
Revision 2.01 2003-10-24 Revised by: dq
Updated with another Xnews problem and another Dialog problem. TODO now contains other newsreaders this document will cover. Update "Erasing sections of text" Xnews problem to say that the text is deleted but requires the Rewrap button to be pressed to fix it, as well as that it affects KDE also. Updated to say that Wine 20030813 is required, since later versions seem to cause problems.
Revision 2.0 2003-09-16 Revised by: dq
Updated with new name "Windows-Newsreaders-under-Linux-HOWTO," since the document now discusses configuration and use of 40tude Dialog as well. Windows XP instructions updated for Xnews. Problems and Issues for Xnews updated. Acknowledgements updated. Xnews copying instructions updated for clarity. Xnews copying section renamed. Prerequisites updated to say that the standard unzip program might be necessary.
Revision 1.1 2003-09-07 Revised by: dq
Updated with more Problems and Issues, including binary usage. Updated with more DLL files to copy and configure (when using a Windows 98SE configuration) for better results. Updated to say that a Windows 98SE configuration is preferred, since there are some problems with Windows XP "emulation."
Revision 1.0 2003-09-01 Revised by: dq
initial LDP release, some updates
Revision 0.12 2003-08-31 Revised by: dq
conversion to XML (thanks to Greg Ferguson), various updates
Revision 0.11 2003-08-22 Revised by: dq
various updates

This document describes how to set up and use several different Windows Usenet newsreaders under the Linux operating system using the Wine "emulator." This document was formerly known as the Xnews under Linux HOWTO.

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