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1.2. About this document

This document explains how to configure your system for multiple local XFree users using the enchanted console/input subsystem in the Backstreet Ruby/ Ruby-2.6 kernel .

I will use :

Every mention of Backstreet Ruby should be replaceable by Ruby/ Ruby-2.6 unless else mentioned.

Note Note

Currently it is not possible to set up systems for multiple console users.

There are two ways of setting up multiple local XFree users:

  1. Modify the kernel to ignore input from USB keyboards and add the handling of USB keyboards to a modified Xserver. This solution was developed by Miguel Freitas. Visit his page on the topic at, for instructions on how to set up such a system.

  2. Use the Backstreet Ruby kernel which supports independent keyboards.

I'll concentrate on configuring a system for multiple local XFree users using the Backstreet Ruby kernel, but there are parts which can be used also on a system using the solution from Miguel Freitas.

Note Note

This document is not intended to be a replacement of the existing documentation on the Backstreet Ruby home page (, but rather, this is a HOWTO, explaining the way to a working X multi-user PC system. If you encounter any problems you'll probably need to consult the more detailed information there.

The document is based on the file system layout of the Mandrake-Linux distribution, but I tried to make it distribution-independent by including information about the differences to other mainstream distributions like Debian, Red Hat and SuSE Linux.