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ATI R200 + XFree86 4.x mini-HOWTO

Håvard Stranden


Revision History
Revision 1.3.1 2003-09-21 Revised by: HS
Alternative 2 updated, minor errors corrected.
Revision 1.3 2003-07-27 Revised by: HS
Aternative 2 no longer deprecated. Several updates to this alternative.
Revision 1.2.1 2003-07-15 Revised by: HS
Date fixes.
Revision 1.2 2003-07-14 Revised by: HS
General update + alternative 5. Alternative 2 deprecated.
Revision 1.1 2002-09-30 Revised by: tab
Reviewed by LDP
Revision 1.0 2002-09-12 Revised by: HS
Initial release

This HOWTO is for anyone who owns an ATI Radeon 8xxx graphics card and wants it to function in a certain way or, in general, properly with XFree86, the X Window System. It describes the procedure of making XFree 4.x run on an ATI R200 (Radeon 8xxx series). There are several ways of doing this, with various results (further described below). If you know of any other ways (maybe better as well) of achieving the goal of this document, please let me know.