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5. Troubleshooting Install

If you get errors while giving insmod ppa as given below:

root# insmod ppa
Using /lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o
/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_register_device_Rf274b881/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_unregister_device_Rb0814cd3
/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_release_Rf8ec22de
/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_claim_R4c7222c6
/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: unresolved symbol parport_enumerate_Rbc847709
/lib/modules/version/kernel/drivers/scsi/ppa.o: Note: modules without a GPL compatible license cannot use GPLONLY_ symbols

The problem is that you did not add a printer to your system in 'Printer Configuration'. Before you do 'insmod ppa' you MUST add a printer. Click on KDE-Start-Button->System->Printer-Config and add a printer by name 'sometestprinter' using /dev/lp0 (or lp1, lp2 check the output from dmesg | more). Now, test the printer which you added by giving: /etc/rc.d/init.d/lpd restart . If the lpd daemon starts then the printer is configured properly. Now try

bash# insmod ppa
bash# insmod lp

You should not get any errors.
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