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7. Other Resources

7.1. Useful tools

The following is a list of programs that may be useful for debugging any trouble regarding the fonts, keyboard or the PDFs. Their usages are well documented in their respective man pages:

  • xlsfonts, lists the XLFDs of the all fonts available to X.

  • xfd, shows all the glyphs of a font when available to X.

  • xset, resets various X options like fontpath.

  • xev, detects and shows various mouse and keypress events.

  • xkbcomp, besides other operations, prints the current XKB configuration in a single file.

  • xpdf, a PDF viewer.

  • pdffonts, shows font list of a PDF file.

  • ps2pdf, PostScript to PDF converter.

7.2. Useful Links & References