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KDE Kiosk Mode HOWTO

Roland Fehrenbacher


Peter Kruse


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The requirements for the desktop environment of users in a large network environment is often very different to a typical homeuser. The number of applications that these users need to run is usually very limited, and the users themselves are not very experienced in solving computing related problems. The administrators of the network therefore need to ensure that the required applications run reliably, and can be started by the users with a minimum of hassle. For security, stability, and also administrative reasons it is then advisable to provide only the absolutely necessary applications and functionality.

With the advent of modern desktop technology like KDE, this goal has become harder to achieve. Interoperability between different desktop programs, ease of configuration by configuration engines, etc. allow the user a great deal of control over her/his desktop, which is great when needed. The above large network scenario, however, is not addressable in standard KDE. This is where the restricted mode tries to fill in the gap.


Archived Document Notice: This document has been archived by the LDP because it does not apply to modern Linux systems. It is no longer being actively maintained. Further information on this topic can be found at