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17. Other SCSI Access Interfaces

In Linux there is also another SCSI access method via SCSI_IOCTL_SEND_COMMAND ioctl calls, which is deprecated. Special tools like 'scsiinfo' utilize it.

There are some other similar interfaces in use in the un*x world, but not available for Linux:

  1. CAM (Common Access Method) developed by Future Domain and other SCSI vendors. Linux has little support for a SCSI CAM system yet (mainly for booting from hard disk). CAM even supports target mode, so one could disguise ones computer as a peripheral hardware device (e.g. for a small SCSI net).
  2. ASPI (Advanced SCSI Programming Interface) developed by Adaptec. This is the de facto standard for MS-DOS machines.

There are other application interfaces from SCO(TM), NeXT(TM), Silicon Graphics(TM) and SUN(TM) as well.

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