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Using Term to Pierce an Internet Firewall mini-HOWTO

Barak Pearlmutter

David C. Merrill

david -AT-

Revision History
Revision 1.1 2001-07-14 Revised by: dcm
Cleaned up a bit, reorganized a bit, converted to DocBook SGML and relicensed under GFDL.
Revision 1.0 1996-07-15 Revised by: pb
Initial Release.

This document explains how to use the term program to pierce a firewall from the inside, even without root privileges.

Term is an old program that almost no one uses anymore, because the 7-bit serial lines it is meant to cross are nowhere to be found anymore, and full IP ppp access is dirt cheap.


Archived Document Notice: This document has been archived by the LDP because it does not apply to modern Linux systems. It is no longer being actively maintained.