Domain Name

A domain name is something that makes a web address unique. A common prefix, i.e. http://www. will typically be followed by the domain name.

Different Ways A Domain Name Is Used

Though a domain name is used to give a unique online presence to a company or an individual, this can also be used to promote another aspect associated with that company. For instance the bbc website address is, but the company also manages a food website, which is

A large website can include a domain name that also has a wide range of different sections and these will be often be identified through folders, by way of a forward slash, i.e. .com/computers. This will often be seen as an alternative to starting up subject specific websites that are associated with a particular company.

domain names

There are many web domain name suffixes.

Domain Name Suffixes

There are many web domain suffixes, which range from .com to The .com suffix indicates a website that is designed to be commercial and of interest to anyone around the world, while .biz is a similar suffix that is used by businesses. The suffix indicates that the website is more country specific, in this case, the UK. An .org suffix will typically be used by charities and general non-profit organisations, while .info will be usually used for information based sites.

A domain name is made up of several levels. For instance the .uk part of a domain name is the top level of that domain, while the co. part is the second level. If the company/individual name is all one word then that is the third level of the domain. If the company/individual name is separated by a full stop the letters after the full stop are still considered the third level, but the letters before will be considered the fourth level. As an example: xjzc.(fourth level) xjkl. (third level) co. (second level) uk (first level).

Hosting A Domain

After a domain has been purchased the next step is to find a suitable host, or, alternatively, a company or individual can host a website on their own servers. This will require knowledge of the differences between the different types of hosting platforms such as Linux and Windows.

The Linux kernel is a key feature of Linux with regards to its operating system, and in ensuring that a website will function correctly. In Linux, the separate hostname and domain name entries should appear in the /proc/sys/ directory and should both be preceded by the following: /proc/sys/kernel.

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