Live roulette with live dealers is certainly much more fun

Although online roulette players have enjoyed the thrills and excitement of their favorite game for nearly twenty years, most players would acknowledge that live roulette with live dealers is certainly much more fun. Despite the colorful graphics, crystal-clear sound effects and amazing physics simulations found in most online roulette games, nothing can replace the interaction with live dealers, especially the young lovely ladies found at Casino Tropez’s live roulette tables.

Online-Casinos offer a lot of fun

Online-Casinos offer a lot of fun

Thanks to high bandwidth and live video feeds, Casino Tropez can bring the exhilaration and excitement of land-based casino roulette games directly to the player’s desktop, laptop, tablet computer or mobile phone. Casino Tropez’s team of beautiful and professional croupiers keep the action going around the clock and across the globe for players who live for the action of live online roulette. The streaming live feed presents the game in real time and in high definition (HD) for the best possible picture

Some players may find the idea of live roulette dealers intimidating, especially if they are not as experienced at the game as most online roulette players. New players can try out Casino Tropez’s free online roulette games and get acquainted with the mechanics, odds and etiquette of the game. Players can then move on to the automated real-money games and build their bankrolls before visiting the competent, charming and charismatic dealers at the live games.

Each game at the live roulette tables starts out with the croupier taking bets from each player. Online roulette bets can be inside bets (inside the numbered grid on the table) our outside bets (outside the numbered grid). Inside bets have higher odds and higher payouts. Outside bets have lower payouts but win more frequently. The dealer spins the wheel, then spins the ball into the wheel in the opposite direction.

Players can add or change bets during the spin, but must stop when the dealer declares “no more bets”. When the ball settles into a slot, the dealer announces the winner, collects losing bets and pays off the winners. After collecting the bets and removing the “dolly” that identifies the winning number, the game starts another round.

While Casino Tropez welcomes players from around the world, the site also offers a special treat for its British customers. Casino Tropez is one of only a few online casino sites that offers live roulette games tailored specifically for its UK audience. From 3pm until midnight London time, the site operates UK Live Roulette, a live online roulette feed that caters to British punters. The game operates in much the same way as the regular live online roulette games, but with dealers fluent in the Queen’s English and a table decorated with the Union Jack.

Customers who sign up at Casino Tropez today can receive a 100 percent matching bonus up to $100 on their first deposit. Sign up today and enjoy live roulette action!