Market Your Business On The Internet With A Reliable Webhost

In these times, it’s important for every business to establish at least a cursory web presence, which will require that you find webhosting with which to host your site. In choosing a good webhost, you’ll want to weigh the various types of hosting available with the needs of your business.

Why Businesses Need A Web Presence

Even if you are not planning to sell your products or services on the internet, every business needs to have some sort of presence on the web. In the internet age, customers almost always look to the internet first when attempting to decide which business to patronize; if your company has no website, you’ll be losing out on potential customers. In order to have a website, you’ll need webhosting.

Types Of Webhosting

A shared hosting service places many clients on a single server; usually, the bandwidth and size allotted to you will be rather low. However, for a business that does engage in e-commerce and only wants a website to give customers information about their products and services, a shared hosting site is usually sufficient. Shared webhosting is the least expensive method of hosting.

Other methods of hosting include dedicated servers and virtual private servers. These are more expensive, but are usually more reliable and allow you to easily run more complex webpages. Dedicated hosting gives you an entire server to run your website on, whereas virtual private servers place many clients on the same server but give each their own dedicated operating system. These two types of hosting may be managed or unmanaged; managed servers have technical support staff on hand to help you install software with which to host your website. Some hosting providers, such as ixwebhosting, allow you to choose from all three types of webhosting depending on which would best suit your business.

Which Webhosting is right for you?

If your business just needs a simple website describing products and services, shared hosting is usually an adequate choice. Unfortunately, shared hosting can sometimes be unreliable, and servers may go down or be overloaded for periods of time. If your business wants to do e-commerce with an online store, it’s a better option to go with dedicated servers or virtual private servers. You want as much reliability as possible if you own an online store, as time spent with your website down and inaccessible represents lost revenue for you.