The Importance of Having the right domain name

Choosing the right domain name is a very crucial part of your website design as it determines whether your website/business will attract or repel potential readers/customers.Apart from helping your website/business to look more attractive and professional, the right domain name also has other numerous advantagessuch as:

  1. Builds Offline and Online Credibility
    Having a high-quality domain name for your e-mail address and website plays a major role in establishing credibility and authority, both online and offline. It enables your readers or customers to notice that you have a reputable and established business, making it easier for them to trust you.
  2. Builds Your Brand
    If you have the right domain name with your brand or companyname in it, it will definitely help in reinforcing the value of your brand by increasing awareness. Visitors/customers are not only interested in knowing your brand name, but are also keen to remember it for future visits and recommendations. They move around with your brand name from place to place and talk about it amongst their family members, relatives, and friends.

    It´s not easy to find the right domain name (© jamdesign -

    It´s not easy to find the right domain name (© jamdesign –

  3. Protects Your Brand
    Securing a unique domain name and keeping it out of the hands of your business rivals or competitors helps in protecting your brand. If any of your competitors ends up using a domain name that is similar to yours, you might be unlucky to lose many valuable customers.
  4. Gives You More Website Traffic
    With the right domain name, you can get high traffic from direct type-in or referral traffic. Direct type-in traffic is whereby an internet user decides to bypass the search engine by typing the keyword of the service or product he wants directly on his browser. Referral traffic usually comes from links on other sites.
  5. Improves Your Search Engine Results Ranking
    Your domain name greatly determines where your website will appear in the search engine rankings. So, if you have a domain name that has a number of keywords related to the products or services you are offering, rest assured that your business will be more likely to rank high in the major search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo!