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10. Other AfterStep-unrelated applications

10.1 I have a problem with program xyz.

Please, please, don't post questions unrelated to AfterStep to the mailing lists. If you have a problem with some application not running, and you think AfterStep is the culprit, first try the following:

  1. Read the documentation (man pages, etc.) for the program.
  2. Find out about its configuration parameters (not only command line, but also options in .Xdefaults, config files, etc.).
  3. Ask other people who know about that specific program. Find a mailing list about that program and ask there.
  4. Try running the program under some other window manager. If it doesn't work there either, it is not an AfterStep problem.

If you are very confident that it is an AfterStep problem, then send it to the mailing list, but try to give as much information as possible. Questions like `Why doesn't blig-graphics work on my system?' do not contain any useful information that may help others in diagnosing your problem; you run the risk of getting a nasty answer if you send such a message to the list. Some data you may have to include is:

  1. AfterStep version you are using.
  2. Operating system version, machine architecture.
  3. System configuration (color depth, memory, anything you think may help).
  4. Problematic program.
  5. Environment information (other programs running at the same time, etc.)
  6. A detailed description of the problem. What happens (error messages, etc.), how replicable it is, how to replicate it, etc.

The more information you provide, the easier it will be for others to find a solution.

A good reason to suppose that the problem lies in AfterStep is to test the same program with an AS-compatible window manager. This means that a failure of a program which works perfectly on Enlightenment is not a failure in AS terms; but a failure of an fvwm-1 program is something of concern for AfterSteppers.

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