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3. Problems After Installation

3.1 I just upgraded to version 1.5, but I don't see any difference. Why?

By default, version 1.5 installs in different directories than versions < 1.5. The binary names are the same, unfortunately, so if the earlier binaries are "earlier" in your path than the new binaries, you will not get the new binaries.

One trick is to use the new, version 1.5 install script to place the new binaries wherever the old binaries are. Another possibility is to track down the old binaries, and remove them from the system. By default, AfterStep used to install in /usr/X11R6/bin. Version 1.5 installs, by default, in /usr/local/bin.

3.2 I don't want so many desktops in version 1.4.x or later; I want to change feature xyz in version 1.4.x or later.

Just edit the relevant file under ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep. See the section on configuration for details.

3.3 The desktop is bigger than my pager indicates.

This is/was a known bug. The problem is that the pager is at least three screens in at least one dimension. There have been reports of getting the pager to work correctly if the desktop size is set to 3X3 or 3X2. (For more information on how to configure the Pager, see the section on Modules, below.)

Albert Dorofeev ( reports that the following changes to src/functions.c will fix the problem in AfterStep 1.4; I do not know whether these will work for other versions. In src/functions.c, change the lines

if (newx > Scr.VxMax)
        newx = Scr.VxMax;
    if (newy > Scr.VyMax)
        newy = Scr.VyMax;


if (newx >= (Scr.VxMax - Scr.MyDisplayWidth) )
        newx = Scr.VxMax - Scr.MyDisplayWidth;
    if (newy >= (Scr.VyMax - Scr.MyDisplayHeight) )
        newy = Scr.VyMax - Scr.MyDisplayHeight;

This change apparently leaves a bug whereby the mouse pointer "jumps" on the right-hand border; but at least your pager will correspond to the desktop.

The bug is fixed as of AfterStep 1.4.5.x, so if it really annoys you, please upgrade. In the 1.4.5 and later series, the virtual desktop is set up in the base.{yourbppnumber}bpp file, and not the pager configuration file. Please edit the correct file according to your configuration.

3.4 I'm running Solaris, and have had problems with the alphasort() function.

There are ever-fewer problems with AfterStep and Solaris; this one has been patched in version 1.4.4 and later. You should upgrade to the latest version. You should also check the information in the README.Solaris file, and see the following site:

3.5 I reduced the number of buttons in my titlebars, and now AS crashes.

Depending on which version you are using, you may need to edit your feel file, as well. Look at the section on looks and feels.

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