ATM on Linux HOWTO

Paul B Schroeder

IBM Corporation

ATM support for Linux is currently in pre-alpha stage. There is an experimental release, which supports raw ATM connections (PVCs and SVCs), IP over ATM, LAN emulation, MPOA, Arequipa, and some other goodies.


Revision History
Revision 2.4.0 2001-10-18 Revised by: PBS
Converted from LaTeX to DocBook along with some other additions and changes.

This document describes how to install, setup, and configure the necessary drivers and tools to support ATM networking under Linux.

For the latest information, please check the ATM on Linux home page.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
1.1. Acknowledgements and Thanks
1.2. Copyright
1.3. Mailing List
1.4. CVS Access
2. Installation
2.1. The Binary RPMs
2.2. The Source Tree
2.3. Kernel Configuration
2.4. Driver Messages
2.5. Memory Debugging
2.6. ATM Tools
2.7. Extra Packages
3. Device Setup
3.1. ATM Over TCP Setup
3.2. ZN1221/ZN1225 Tuning
3.3. Files in /proc/net/atm/
3.4. ATM Diagnostics
3.5. SONET Diagnostics
4. Native ATM PVCs
4.1. Traffic Tools
4.2. Direct Cell Access
5. Signaling
5.1. ATM Hosts File
5.2. ANS
5.3. Signaling Demon
5.4. ILMI Demon
5.5. Manual Address Configuration
5.6. Running Two ATM NICs Back-to-Back
5.7. Q.2931 Message Dumper
6. IP Over ATM
6.1. CLIP
6.2. LAN Emulation
6.3. MPOA