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2. What you need BEFORE YOU START

The packages you need and the documentation that answers the most common questions about setting up and running raid are listed below. Please review them throughly.

2.1 Required Packages

You need to obtain the most recent versions of these packages.

2.2 Where to get Up-to-date copies of this document.

Click here to browse the author's latest version of this document. Corrections and suggestions welcome!

Boot Root Raid + LILO HOWTO

Available in LaTeX (for DVI and PostScript), plain text, and HTML.
Available in SGML and HTML.

2.3 Documentation -- Recommended Reading

If you plan on using raid1/5 over raid0, please read:


as well as the documentation and man pages that accompany the raidtools set.

and..... Software-RAID-HOWTO.html

2.4 RAID resources

Mailing lists can be joined at:

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