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2. What is IP ?

What is IP ? IP is short for Intellectual Property. More specifically, it is a block of logic that can be used in making ASIC's and FPGA's. Examples of "IP Cores" are, UART's, CPU's, Ethernet Controllers, PCI Interfaces, etc. In the past, quality cores of this nature could cost anywhere from US$5,000 to more than US$350,000. This is way too high for the average company or individual to even contemplate using -- Hence, the Free-IP project.

Initially the Free-IP project will focus on the more complex cores, like CPU's and Ethernet controllers. Less complex cores might follow.

The Free-IP project is an effort to make quality IP available to anyone.

Visit the following sites for IP cores -

2.1 Free CPU List

Here is the list of Free CPUs available or curently under development -

2.2 Commercial CPU List

Other important CPU sites are at -

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