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11. Multi-User CVS Remote Repository

The Cederqvist manual at describes how to setup CVS for external access.

In order to use CVS for a group, one has to set up a permissions system to allow people to access the system from other machines. There are three ways to do this (:server:, :pserver:, and :ext:). The pserver mechanism and use of rsh are both insecure. Only the :ext: (with ssh) offers sufficient security protection.

If you set CVS_RSH to SSH or some other rsh replacement, the instructions may be similar to `.rhosts' but consult the documentation for your rsh replacement.

To get ssh visit and in the search box enter "ssh". Or visit and in the search box enter "ssh". Download and install the ssh RPM and then configure CVS to use it. See also

Note: If you plan to configure CVS for use with rsh then you MUST do this critical step:

bash# chmod 600 .rhosts

See also JA-SIG UPortal CVS repository

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